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Email Messages/Campaigns CoCoTalk CoCoLite
Ability to broadcast to a single email address (great for sending a test before broadcast to entire list) X X
Upload images to your own image library and use them in your email composition X X
Unsubscribe link from all broadcast email messages included automatically. X -
Ability to preview how your HTML message will look before the broadcast is started X X
Add and Update one or more attachments with your email messages/campaigns allowing for broadcasting of full HTML messages (including attachments - optional) X -
Built in WYSIWYG HTML editor for creating HTML messages visually. Upload your own images and select pre-defined templates. (All browsers are now supported) X X
Create an unlimited number of schedules per message! Allowing scheduled broadcasting of any individual message to any group of subscribers on your list X -
Create Message Templates Easily X X
Create Multi-Part Messages (HTML and Text) or just HTML or Text Messages X HTML only
Easily transfer Messages between different Subscription Lists X -
Import a web page directly into your HTML message with ability to disable the HTML editor to effectively import entire web pages. This will then keep important opening and closing tags in the imported web page. X X
Include Personalization variables enabling creation of personalized email messages [First name] [Last Name] [Email] [List] and more X -
Sent Count Log (every time a broadcast is sent it is recorded and logged). This now features recording of actual start date/time of broadcast and completion date/time of broadcast and if broadcast was completed successfully. X X
WYSIWYG Editor now features "Microsoft Word HTML cleanup" functionality, paste in your HTML message created from your MSWord files and instantly have it cleaned of all the non-standard HTML tags. X X
Your email messages/campaigns are sent from the address you establish as your from address and are created as individual messages to the recipients address (no cc or bcc sending is used) X X
Auto Responders CoCoTalk CoCoLite
Create subscribe and unsubscribe auto responders for your subscription lists X -
Bounce/Undeliverable Mail Management CoCoTalk CoCoLite
Ability to delete all bounced emails with 1 click X -
Ability to set unlimited sets of bounce exceptions or phrases that will cause a bounced message to be ignored per subscription list X -
Automatic handling and flagging of email addresses that have bounced due to exceeding mail box quota X -
Automatic handling of bounced E-Mail addresses X -
Bounce Management Control Panel - ability to selectively delete bounced email addresses based on selection criteria X -
Log of bounced Email Addresses (date of bounce and number of times bounce recorded) X -
Campaign Tracking/Click Thru Stats CoCoTalk CoCoLite
Ability to enable drill down click through link tracking to log email click-through by the actual subscriber email address. Click count and click date/time are logged and fully accessible. X -
Full link tracking for HTML messages built in, logs total click count for a link and date X -
View click through statistics graph as either pie chart. X -
Subscribers CoCoTalk CoCoLite
Added Custom Fields for storage of additional data per subscriber, powerful new feature for storage of extra demographic data (5 custom fields available). X -
Double-Opt In Subscribe functionality (sends a confirmation email to subscriber with a verification ID and link for subscriber to confirm their subscription request) X -
Easy import form for importing an entire list of subscribers into your list (all duplicates and malformed addresses auto removed!) X X
One-click easy export of entire subscriber list to a Comma Separated Value file (CSV) Can be imported into your MSOutlook or other documents. X X
Search for an E-Mail address within subscription list X Sorting only
Subscribers can subscribe/unsubscribe using an email message or an HTML form X -
Subscribers who unsubscribe are stored in a removed table (for deletion or easy re-activation) X -
Subscribers (Sub Groups) CoCoTalk CoCoLite
Create subsets or subgroups of your subscriber list for easy broadcasting to a sub group of your subscribers or the entire list X -
Create subsets or subgroups of your subscriber list quickly based on simple search criteria based on any field in the subscriber table including Custom Fields. X -
Save, update, delete and re-seed unlimited number of subscriber groups X -
Website Integration CoCoTalk CoCoLite
Custom Tag provided to include in any of your sites to unsubscribe/subscribe a customer in 1 line of code X Subscribe only
Example subscription form and response form are provided to incorporate a subscribe/unsubscribe form into a page on your own web site X Subscribe only

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